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How to Correctly Install and Troubleshoot your MSD Digital 6AL Ignition Box

Installing a 6AL ignition box on your hot rod is one of the most effective ways to improve idle quality, efficiency, and make MORE POWER!

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How To Choose a Street Ignition

Whether it’s your daily driver, a weekend warrior, or that show car sitting in the corner of the garage. One things for sure, we can all appreciate a good running engine. One of the easiest and most beneficial upgrades you can do to get the most out of your ride, is to upgrade the ignition system. But with so many choices and a ton of options, how do you know which ignition system is the best choice for your street vehicle? Good question!

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Convert Your Carb to EFI with MSD’s New and Improved Atomic 2.0 Fuel Injection

MSD’s Atomic EFI just got better with the introduction of Atomic 2.0! The new system retains its self-learning capability but adds an optional lap-top-tuning feature for dialing in unique and high-power engines. Redesigned boosters improve fuel dispersion and four 100lb/hr injectors support 650hp naturally aspirated, or 635hp in blow-through or draw-through forced induction applications. Atomic 2.0 is a direct fit on any 4150-flange intake manifold and a revised kickdown linkage supports GM, Chrysler, and Ford transmissions for ease of installation


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